How We Differ

  • Fee For Performance

The CTC Associates advantage: You save money with our flat fee option, since it normally equates to less than 10% of the selling price. You gain credibility with a prospective buyer since it allows us to present an unbiased opinion of the value of the practice. This, in turn, allows you to sell your practice with little or no negotiation over the price. Because of this structure, 40% of our clients (buyers & sellers) have already found each other and are hiring us to facilitate the transition.

  • Build Relationships with Prospective Buyers

The CTC Associates advantage: We care about long-terms relationships with prospective buyers and sellers, building trust and establishing a reputation of integrity. The majority of buyers who contact us have been referred to us personally versus merely finding our name on a practice listing registry. This raises the buyer’s initial trust level and opens the lines of communication. Your transition takes place in a timely manner by reducing time spent on negotiations and winning the buyer’s trust. Your relationship with the buyer is built on a foundation of trust from the beginning versus mistrust and skepticism.

  • Strive for success for all parties

The CTC Associates advantage: Our objective is to structure a truly win-win arrangement to ensure the long-term success of the transition and the practice. You avoid the negative emotions, loss of trust and relationship degradation associated with vying for a superior position or attempting to win at the expense of the other party since we strive to serve as a neutral intermediary. We provide valuable transition information for both parties, which help the transaction come together in a more timely manner and saving you from excessive attorney fees. Moreover, we take time to define the parties’ expectations, practice philosophy, values, and leadership styles to ensure a proper match. This has allowed us to experience a very high success rate of matching buyers and sellers.

  • Track the results of the sale & continue working with the Doctor(s) after the sale

The CTC Associates advantage: We provide post-transition information and support, from holding a post transition staff meeting to recommendations for internal marketing. This results in higher patient retention and lower buyer default than the national average. Additionally, the likelihood of a successful outcome increases since we are able to verify the accuracy of the initial appraisal. You avoid costly errors because we have learned what works well and what does not.

  • Compensation based on performance

The CTC Associates advantage: With our fee for performance payment options, you risk very little, because you do not pay until (or unless) the deal closes. You can rest assured that we are motivated to see the transaction come to fruition in a timely manner.

  • Specialize in dental practice transition consulting, including practice sales, associateships, start-ups and practice management

The CTC Associates advantage: With over 20 years specializing in practice transitions and the experience of over 900 transitions, the intricacies of the dental marketplace are known, considered and addressed. This valuable education has given us valuable insights that will enable us to help you successfully transition your practice. Your specific questions are answered. Your specific needs are met.