Practice Transition Flowchart

“A Process and not an Event”

A visual flowchart that illustrates the steps taken to go from Initial Consultation to Transition Closing, Follow-up and Maintaining a good relationship post-transition. Continue reading

Newfound Freedom

by Larry M. Chatterley
CTC Associates Inc.

John is a 46 year-old dentist with a successful practice. Yet now, after 16 years, he is starting to feel a little worn down. He is beginning to wonder if the practice is running him rather than him running the practice. He has a difficult time taking any extended relief time from the office because of the negative cash flow he experiences… Continue reading

25 Essential Issues on Transitioning a Practice

by Larry M. Chatterley & Randon J. Jensen

At some point in your career you will feel the need for change. You may have a need to overcome solo-economic dependency, improve staff relations, or find some relief from the stress of managing a private practice.

In this booklet, you will learn about 25 essential issues you should address before you begin the process of transitioning your practice. You Continue reading

Funding Your Pension Plan With the Value of Your Practice

Funding Your Pension Plan With the Value of Your Practice

by Larry M. Chatterley
CTC Associates Inc.

Continued growth and success of a solo practice are becoming more and more difficult every day. With increased competition, the influx of capitation plans, HMO clinics, advertising retail centers, and an unpredictable economy, practitioners are experiencing a difficult time of maintaining their traditional patient base while trying to improve their quality Continue reading

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Consultant

1. How many practice transitions and/or sales have you been involved with?
Answer: 950+plus

2. How many years in the business?
Answer: Combined 30+ years in practice transitions and another 10 years consulting in the areas of business and finance.

3. How many of your sales have ended up in litigation/arbitration or in professional divorce?
Answer: Fifteen. Two arbitration and thirteen Continue reading

Buyer’s Guide – Do It Right the First Time

by Larry M. Chatterley & Randon J. Jensen

Most, if not all dentists start their careers with optimistic expectations of doing well financially only to find out in the real world practicing dentistry may not deliver the financial and/or emotional rewards they were seeking. They then feel a strong need to increase their income and to gain more control over their professional lives. You may have experienced this frustration Continue reading

CTC Associates: A Reputation for Proven Results

Originally published in the Arizona Doctor of Dentistry January/February 2005

It’s been said that you can’t argue with success.

With more than 1,400 dental practice transitions under its belt — not to mention a stack of glowing testimonial letters and a 96 percent satisfaction rating — it’s hard to argue with the success of CTC Associates. Since 1988, the firm has specialized in dental practice appraisals and transitions Continue reading

Associateships: Rules of Engagement

“What should I do…?”

It is true that more than half of all marriages end in divorce, but even more relationships end before a marriage even takes place-during the engagement, as it were. In the field of professional dentistry, associateships can easily be compared to an engagement. When it comes to business relationships between dentists, perhaps no relationship is more common than the associate-dentist arrangement. Not surprisingly, too, is Continue reading

Locating Practice Opportunities

As a dental practice transition consultant, it’s becoming more difficult to find ways to meet the demands and expectations of dentists looking for opportunities. This information is provided to help the reader better understand the current conditions of the dental market and the growing demand for dental opportunities. Knowing these facts will help dentists who are looking for transition opportunities know the proper steps to accomplish their transition and to Continue reading